Covid 19 work

During the Covid-19 pandemic it has, of course, been impossible to run the projects and programmes we were delivering prior to Covid in the same format, and many of the local projects and groups we support, such as Places of Welcome, have been forced to close due to the pandemic. But we have still been active, adapting all our work for online and telephone platforms.

Together in Hope

In July, we heard from The National Lottery Community Fund that Together Leicester had been awarded a grant for a project to help churches in Leicestershire to assess and listen to afresh the needs of their local community, and to work in partnership with people from their community to develop actions to respond to these needs.

Launched in August, and designed to encourage communities to come Together in Hope as The Bishop of Leicester, Leicester City Football Club and DMU urged communities across Leicester & Leicestershire to do, we have been working with 6 churches and communities to enable them to respond to the needs, concerns and passions of their local community:

- Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of Favour Parish, Leicester.

- Christ Church, Coalville

- The benefice of Ibstock & Heather

- St Chad's, North Evington

- St Catherine's, Houghton-on-the-Hill

- St Luke's, Thurnby

These projects are bespoke, based around a basic frame work, modified to meet the needs of the context. They are each at different stages, but are resulting in lots of exciting developments in these churches serving their local communities.

Zoom Community Listening Session
A community listening session from Coalville, on Zoom.
Zoom Reimagining Hospitality session

Reimagining Hospitality

In autumn 2020, restrictions began to relax in parts of the country to allow limited socialising. Many churches up and down the country host hospitality spacesfor their local community - spaces where people can come, be welcome, build relationships and perhaps access help and support. This ministry remains an important part of church ministry, particularly for the Anglican church, which, with its parish system, intentionally serves the whole of the community within a church's parish boundaries.

The restrictions seemed to be ever-changing, so, partnering with our colleagues at Near Neighbours, we ran a workshop called Reimagining Hospitality, to help churches and other faith and voluntary sector organisations consider:

- what the original purpose of the hospitality space was focused on.

- whether the needs of the community had changed, and whether, as a result, the focus of the hospitality space needed to change

- how to continue to create spaces where people can come, be welcome, build relationships and access help and support in the midst of ever changing restrictions

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Together Leicester has been able to support the work of Leicester's Homelessness Charter, by hosting the employment of the Development Manager.…
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With thanks to The National Lottery, the Together in Hope initiative and our partner churches

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