Addressing issues of financial inclusion and justice across the City and County of Leicester.

About the Fair Finance Group

The Fair Finance Task Group aims to address issues of financial inclusion and justice across the City and County of Leicester. Chaired by the Leicester Diocesan Social Responsibility Enabler, it comprises representation from key agencies, both from the statutory and voluntary sectors. These include the City and County Councils, DWP and the local credit union, Clockwise.

It is essential that the present situation changes if we are to begin to help the most vulnerable in our society to work through their barriers to financial stability and from thence to financial independence and independent living. They know that people with serious financial difficulties face a number of different issues and usually have very limited options for help and advice.

We are fortunate to have some excellent agencies working in this field – but there is not enough capacity, nor is help

always easily accessible. The Task Group has an action plan, whose key points include:

  • · Increasing the availability of debt and budgeting advice and support;
  • · Better signposting to services, both local and online and an effective directory;
  • · Addressing issues of digital inclusion.

Next Steps

  • An evening with Sir Hector Sants (see below) to explore how to build a financial system that works for all
  • Building a wider coalition, to include both those businesses and individuals who will partner with us, and also agencies who can help us in delivering these plans.
  • Translating the action plan into a costed business plan, which will include seeking to appoint a Project Officer to drive the plans forward.

Together Leicester is committed actively to work in partnership towards these aims. They would like to partner with anyone else who will help them make this a reality for people in our city, towns and villages.

Building a better financial system which works for all

7th November 6.30pm.

Sir Hector Sants will speak on “Building a better financial system which works for all – supports communities – supports individuals”.

Do you work in the financial sector? Do you want a better financial sector for all, and want to find out how you or your business could help? Contact Alison Adams if you would like further information concerning this.