Areas of Work

We work to tackle a wide range of social issues, our key areas of focus are:

• Building Food Security
• Community Listening
• Building networks to tackle loneliness
• Reducing the stigma around mental health

We are also working closely with the Fair Finance Group, of which the Diocese of Leicester is a member, to improve financial inclusion.

Loneliness, social isolation and mental health are real issues for lots of people. And friendship, conversation and safe places where we can just be ourselves, are important for all of…
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Access to healthy, low cost food and ingredients is a challenge for many people on low incomes across the country, and food security has become a bigger issue as support…
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Together Leicester facilitates and supports churches to identify the strengths, gifts and assets in their local community, and to listen to what the people want to celebrate about where they…
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Addressing issues of financial inclusion and justice across the City and County of Leicester.
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Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Together Leicester has been able to support the work of Leicester's Homelessness Charter, by hosting the employment of the Development Manager.…
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