Leicester's Homelessness Charter

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, Together Leicester has been able to support the work of Leicester's Homelessness Charter, by hosting the employment of the Development Manager. Here, Eilidh introduces herself and tells you about her work with us.

More information about Leicester's Homelessness Charter can be found by clicking on the link, or by following @HomelessCharter on twitter.

Eilidh Stringer, Leicester's Homelessness Charter Development Manager

Development Manager

Eilidh Stringer has been working in the homelessness sector for 10 years, with a focus on fundraising and communications, and joins Together Leicester on a six month secondment from local charity, Action Homeless. Eilidh has been involved in the Charter since its inception and is fully committed to its ethos that much more can be achieved by working together than in isolation.

With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, Leicester’s Homelessness Charter have been able to create a new development role which will see Eilidh leading work with a wide range of groups and individuals in Leicester to bring the aims of the Charter to life. Immediate priorities include supporting groups to reshape and recover out of the Covid-19 pandemic, raising the profile of the Charter through creation of a website and development of resources for people looking to support individuals and families affected by homelessness in Leicester.

As a founding member of Leicester’s Homelessness Charter, yet not involved in direct delivery of homelessness services, Together Leicester are well placed to be hosting this new role to ensure that the Charter is able represent a wide range of work and partnerships.

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Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

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