Building Food Security in Local Communities

At Together Leicester we want to make it easier for local communities and organisations to help people increase their food security.

We are looking to build local capacity to help people develop cooking skills, sustainable access to food through food-redistribution charities and community food growing, and by improving digital access in local communities. We also plan to work with the Fair Finance Group for wider financial inclusion and to improve people’s access to basic financial information such as ‘Savvy Shopping’, ‘How Credit Works’ and how to calculate and manage a budget.

This summer we ran 6-week basic cooking skills course in the Braunstone Park area in partnership with Braunstone b-Inspired, with 6 participants.

Following on from this success, Together Leicester is looking for churches and community groups who would like to host a cooking skills course, and teams of local volunteers who we will train to deliver cooking skills courses. If this is something that would be of interest to you, please contact our Development Worker.

Cooking skills 1
Enjoying cooking Cottage Pie from scratch!
Cooking skills 2
Cooking the filling for a chicken and bacon pie
Braunstone Cooking Skills

"I've decided I'm going to turn my life around, this has reminded me what I can do"

a course participant